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  • What's the hardest instrument to play?

    Categories: Music |

    The hardest instrument to learn, somewhat, isn't really the hardest instrument to dominate, and that settles on for a few tough choices.In making our rundown, we considered each instrument's expectati

  • What is Gat in Indian classical music?

    Categories: Music |

    Prologue to GatThe gat is a proper compositional structure that is typically acted in tabla solo. In many gharanas, gats are a strength. Furthermore, a few uncommon gats are among the most esteemed or

  • Is it possible to play Indian classical music on the violin?

    Categories: Music |

    About Indian Classical ViolinThe violin is quite possibly of the most famous instrument on the planet. A straightforward four-stringed instrument played with a bow, its splendid, unique tone and the e

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