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How many pixels is an Oppo Reno 7 Pro photo?

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The Rs 40,000 imprint is as of now the perfect balance with regards to leader level execution and moderateness. Furthermore, that is obvious with regards to marketing projections for telephones around this cost. There are various makers competing for similar clients and as customers you can pick from a great many choices. Everybody from Apple to Samsung to OnePlus, to even any semblance of Realme and Xiaomi need a slice of this worthwhile pie.

The Oppo Reno Series has been portrayed by thin, pocketable telephones with bended presentations. They have additionally had some very great camera equipment throughout the long term. Yet, throughout the long term, we have seen that Oppo hasn't actually been exceptionally predictable with the Reno Series.

This time around too there is a perceivable change in the manner Oppo has moved toward the Reno 7 Series, particularly with regards to the plan. The Reno 7 Pro presently has level edges and show causing it to feel basically the same as the iPhone when you hold it interestingly.

One gander at the back however and that feeling rapidly disappears. Oppo has been hyping up another creation method called LDI that it has utilized on the back board. There are many miniature etchings on the glass back which make it take on various tones when seen at specific points. Our survey unit is in this clearly 'Startrails Blue' variety.

However, there is likewise an undeniably more repressed 'Starlight Black' to restrain things a piece. While the completion probably won't be however everybody would prefer, it guarantees that the telephone stays without any trace of unique finger impression smircesh.

The camera module also is a plan feature on the Reno 7 Pro. It gets a LED light around the module that you can alter to be utilized for specific warnings. Set right beneath the camera module, the light is quelled and gleams off of the miniature carved back.

The Reno 7 Pro is genuinely meager, as other Reno Series telephones before it at 7.45mm, and weighs in at 180g, making it simple to hold. Unpacking it, you are satisfied with a decently guideline experience with a 65W connector in the container and some documentation. Oppo, dissimilar to a few different brands, actually keeps on delivery its telephones with a power block.


The Oppo Reno 7 Pro highlights a 6.5-inch AMOLED show with a 90Hz invigorate rate with a 180Hz pinnacle testing rate. It's anything but a 120Hz board, yet I don't actually know about such a large number of individuals who'd see the distinction. The Full HD+ board does a generally excellent occupation with striking tones and great difference.

It gets adequately brilliant inside, yet isn't as simple to use while progressing outside. Along with the uproarious sound system speakers, the Oppo Reno 7 Pro makes for a decent media utilization gadget.


The Oppo Reno 7 Pro is controlled by the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 - MAX. This is a unique chipset conceived out of a cooperation among Oppo and MediaTek. While sheer execution continues as before, the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 - MAX has two or three tailor made includes only for the Oppo leader. Computer based intelligence Deblur, which Oppo claims works on the nature of selfies, and AI-PQ, which is said to add a HDR-like impact in ordinary recordings. Matched with 12GB of RAM, the Reno 7 Pro's processor appears to be skilled at taking on all that is tossed its direction. To improve things, you can designate upto 7GB of stockpiling for handling in ColorOS.

However, honestly with such a lot of execution currently on draft, it is difficult to test in the event that this has an observable effect. Notwithstanding, it is great to realize that it is there. I utilized it to play a couple of games, and in any event, when wrenched to max potential settings, the Oppo Reno 7 Pro didn't battle by any means. As a matter of fact, I had the option to breeze past every one of the games that I had a go at playing with it.

To test regular execution, we had a go at having two or three dozen Chrome tabs open simultaneously, and I never had any issues exchanging among tabs and going on from the last known point of interest. The UI isn't quite as cumbersome as some more seasoned Oppo telephones and feels smart and responsive.

Battery duration is incredible with the 4500mAh unit effectively enduring over a day. The packaged charger likewise makes re-energizing a breeze with 30 minutes enough for a 66 percent charge.

The Oppo Reno 7 Pro doesn't get remote charging or an IP rating, yet that is not really a miss at this price tag.

Tragically however, the ColorOS12 here is as yet in light of Android 11, when so many cell phones are transporting with Android 12. There actually are various pre-introduced applications, however nothing that you would find adversely affecting the product experience.


The Oppo Reno 7 Pro gets another arrangement of cameras - a 32-megapixel selfie camera with another Sony IMX709 sensor, and the essential back camera which presently gets Sony IMX766 sensor that is likewise tracked down on a couple of different telephones this year. The selfie camera has a RGBW pixel design for worked on light responsiveness. There is no optical adjustment. The Reno 7 Pro likewise has a 8-megapixel super wide and a 2-megapixel large scale camera.

Oppo offers various extraordinary elements like the AI Highlight video and Bokeh Flare Portrait channel. You can likewise change the gap while shooting recordings. There is double video too that allows you to shoot from both the front and back cameras simultaneously.

The principal camera conveys incredible photographs with bunches of detail and very great variety proliferation. It pauses for a minute for the fundamental camera to get the openness spot on while shooting in unforgiving daylight.

The super wide is functional yet there isn't as much detail and it is something you will see while exchanging between the two. The fundamental camera does a very great job in low light circumstances too. Pictures of close-up subjects were sharp. However, scene pictures simply weren't as great.

Then, at that point, there is the large scale camera. I have never loved these, to me they are simply contrivances. The large scale camera here adds to the numbers, however it creates fair pictures with sufficient light. The selfie camera is extremely noteworthy and I had the option to get truly sharp pictures with precise complexions rather without any problem. In low light nonetheless, getting a sharp image was hard.

Video execution lets the Reno 7 Pro down. Adjustment is great, yet film will in general be overexposed. Furthermore, despite the fact that, you can shoot 4K, it is covered at 30fps. Add to that, assuming you really do choose to utilize any of the AI highlights or channels or even utilize the ultrawide, goal is covered 1080p.


There are various things going for the Oppo Reno 7. It looks great, believes perfect in the hand, packs a bunch of great cameras, has skillful handling capacities and noteworthy battery duration. However, the difficulty is that the space Oppo has situated the Reno 7 Pro in as of now has a lot of great cell phones. Try not to misunderstand me, it is a great cell phone, yet it has its work removed in this portion.

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How many pixels is an Oppo Reno 7 Pro photo?