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Why are some lyrics removed from the "Pathala Pathala" song?

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Kamal Haasan experiences arrived in lawful difficulty. A grievance has been recorded against the Tamil star for his melody Pathala, charging that the verses of the track mock the Union Government. The melody is the primary single from Kamal Haasan's impending film Vikram, helmed by Lokesh Kangaraj.

A couple of lines from the tune, that created a ruckus, go as follows (made an interpretation of from Tamil to English):

"There is no cash left in the depository when sicknesses are on the ascent. On account of the missteps of the Union Govt, nothing remains now. The key presently lies with the hoodlum."

The complainant, named Selvam, who is a social extremist, in an assertion said that these lines should be eliminated from the tune and on the off chance that no move is made, he will move toward the court.

The melody was written by Kamal Haasan, who additionally murmured the most optimized plan of attack while the music has been scored by Anirudh Ravichander. Social lobbyist Selvam said that the above lines ought to be eliminated from the tune and has likewise chosen to record a request at the Madras High Court looking for that Vikram ought to be prohibited from discharge assuming no move is initiated on his new grievance.

Music arranger Anirudh Ravichander had as of late shared photographs with Kamal Haasan as of late and uncovered that the entertainer composed the melody Pathala and even sang it.

Discussing something very similar, Kamal Haasan was all commendation for the music maestro and tweeted, "Meanwhile I was contemplating what an extraordinary genealogy you have a place with. From your extraordinary granddad to YOU, what plentiful gifts and accomplishments in a single family. You are genuinely satisfying your family norms of greatness. Good luck with that my young companion."

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Why are some lyrics removed from the "Pathala Pathala" song?