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Exploring Glass Animals Heat Waves Lyrics

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"Heat Waves" by Glass Animals is a spirit blending and suggestive tune that has caught the hearts of millions around the world. Delivered in 2020, this track has turned into a song of praise of reflection and profound reverberation. With its frightful song and genuine verses, "Intensity Waves" dives into topics of misfortune, yearning, and the intricacies of adoration. In this article, we will investigate the graceful profundity of Glass Creatures' "Heat Waves" verses and the feelings it conjures.

Section 1: "Once in a while all I contemplate is you/Late evenings in June/Intensity waves been fakin' me out"

The song opens with poignant simplicity, as the storyteller uncovers their distraction with considerations of somebody they profoundly miss. The reference to "Late evenings in June" brings out a feeling of forlornness and yearning during the warm mid year months. The notice of "Intensity waves been fakin' me out" recommends an illusion of feelings, where the force of the intensity is likened to the fluctuating idea of their sentiments.

Theme: "Can't make you more joyful now/Some of the time all I ponder is you now/I've been sleepin' all alone"

The tune enhances the feeling of longing and weakness. The storyteller recognizes their powerlessness to give joy to the individual they long for, and their considerations remain consumed by this impossible love. The piercing reiteration of "Once in a while all I contemplate is you currently" builds up the close to home load of their viewpoints. "I've been sleepin' all alone" mirrors the forlornness and yearning they persevere without even a trace of their cherished one.

Section 2: "Pad talk, my foe, my partner/Detainees/Then we're free, it's a meager line"

In the second verse, the symbolism of "Pad talk" features the close discussions divided among the storyteller and their adored one. This polarity of "foe" and "partner" epitomizes the complicated elements of a relationship. The differentiating feelings of feeling like "detainees" and afterward being "free" represent the swaying idea of adoration, where profound closeness can be both soothing and restricting.

Span: "I'm tryna improve/She said, 'Kid, you'll be fine'/I'm tryna improve, definitely/I'm tryna improve"

The extension exhibits a longing for self-awareness and mending. The rehashed hold back of "I'm tryna improve" delineates the storyteller's assurance to beat their close to home battles. The consolation from their cherished one, "She said, 'Kid, you'll be fine,'" adds a hint of something to look forward to in the midst of the personal unrest.

Outro: "Daylight harms my eyes"

The song concludes with a poignant and tormenting explanation: "Sunlight hurts my eyes."  This line exemplifies the crude weakness of the storyteller, recommending that even the brilliance of the day is difficult without their cherished one.


Glass Animals' "Heat Waves" lyrics are an idyllic embroidery of feelings, addressing the intricacies of affection, misfortune, and self-awareness. The tune's reminiscent stanzas and tormenting song reverberate profoundly with audience members, permitting them to track down comfort and association in their own close to home excursions. As we drench ourselves in the lovely profundity of the verses, we are helped to remember the comprehensiveness of human feelings and the force of music to catch and communicate the complexities of the human experience.

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Exploring Glass Animals Heat Waves Lyrics