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Where did the Neo Nazis in Breaking Bad hide the remainder of Walter White’s roughly 80 million dollars?

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 The group's chief was Jack Welker, who had a second-in-order named Kenny, as well as a nephew named Todd Alquist who likewise filled in as the pack's essential meth cook. The gathering was chummy with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle who dispersed the gathering's meth to purchasers all around. The group has individuals both inside and beyond jail and it has a closed in complex that fills in as the posse's base camp.


The group originally interacted with Walter White when he expected to kill Gustavo Fring's subsidiaries in jail to guarantee his abominations and affiliations get up to speed to him. The killing of ten previous representatives and partners in three separate correctional facilities inside a two-minute window was organized. While troublesome, the killings work out as expected and every one of the 10 targets are fiercely butchered with strategies, for example, cutting, ensnarement, and consuming.

Following Walter's sudden retirement from the meth business, Todd assumes the title of essential cook, working with Lydia and an opponent of Fring, Declan. Ultimately, Declan excuses Todd and the immaculateness of the meth fell emphatically, causing Lydia a deep sense of's mistake. After she couldn't impact Declan to bring Todd back, Lydia made an arrangement with the pack and coordinated a hit on Declan and his men. The group took his activity's meth-production gear, as well as the rest of Declan's methylamine. Once more todd was essential cook.

After the group's activity goes wonderfully, Walter enlists the posse to kill Jesse Pinkman who represented a danger to his family at that point. In return for the hit, Walter consented to show Todd his methods of meth-production with one final cook. Out in the desert, the posse winds up saving Walter from being captured by killing DEA specialists, Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez. Jack and his men take practically all of the cash Walter had covered in the desert, and capture Jesse to act as their slave cook, and leave Walt abandoned in the desert.

At the point when Skyler White was working with her better half at the vehicle wash, she sees Lydia Rodarte-Quayle talking about the meth business to Walter regardless of his retirement. Skyler harshly arranges her to leave and to never return. A few individuals from the group, including Todd, break into the White Residence to frighten Skyler into not uncovering the way that she saw Lydia at the vehicle wash to any specialists.

After Walter gets back from stowing away, following the absolute annihilation of his family and loss of his fortune, he intends to get back at the posse for their activities. At the point when Lydia is made mindful of Walter's return she arranges the pack to take him out. Walt stays with the Nazi compound, guaranteeing to probably need to show them another equation for meth fabricating. The pack were intending to kill him. Before they can take him out, Walter calls Jack a liar for obviously working with Jesse Pinkman as opposed to killing him like they concurred. Jack's self image is tested to which he gets Jesse to show Walter that he's actually a slave. Walt then handles Jesse onto the ground, apparently bitterly. All things considered, Walter did this to save Jesse as the greater part of the pack gets cleared out when Walt enacts a M60 automatic weapon he set in the storage compartment of his vehicle. Just Jack and Todd made due, until Jesse choked Todd to death with his chains and Jack was shot in the head by Walt in a similar way Jack killed Hank. Todd's telephone gets a call from Lydia, and Walter gets, admitting that he had harmed her with ricin when they met before that day.

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Where did the Neo Nazis in Breaking Bad hide the remainder of Walter White’s roughly 80 million dollars?